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Year of Roads: Kofi Job deserves commendation on Ashanti roads

 Year of Roads: Kofi Job deserves commendation on Ashanti roads

Kofi Job, renowned contractor in the Ashanti Region

His name has become synonymous with roads in Kumasi now and controversially, blamed for the slow pace in handling people’s expectations over the terrible state of roads in the first term of President Nana Akufo Addo. Every week, there isn’t a radio show in the metropolis, that, his name doesn’t get mentioned and quite ignorantly, gets accused wrongly for the woes of other contractors like Attarchy, Asabea, Joshob, Semmens.

Mafias in the construction business have set him up and many times mischievously, incite him against the government with reference to his unfounded political inclinations. But who cares! Provided our roads get fixed and besides, the big question should be what would have been the situation if Kofi Job wasn’t around?

It is evident that awarding of contracts in the first term of any new government, is a preserve for major financiers during campaign time and with the ‘fertilised’ road fund, expected to ameliorate expenses. But the poor bottomless state of the road fund now, having been irresponsibly used as collateral by the previous regime, left the new government without any option than to fall on contractors who could pre-finance projects and at the same having enough resources to finish it within the timetable.

Workers of Kofi Job Construction at work on numerous Kumasi roads

As it stands now, there’s no contractor in the metropolis who had what it takes.. a typical example was during the funeral of the late Appiah Menka, a stalwart of the party, the government was so broke to have his hometown’s road fixed on time from Aduman to Aboabogya, and if possible through to Adwumakaase to Bampenase. Yet, Kofi Job stepped in to save the day without a penny paid him.

The current situation of having him on sites at..

* Kofiase – Mampong road
* Atwea – Effigyase road
* Atonsu – Esreso road
* Trede – Sokoban road
* Mankranso – Tepa road
* Suame/Breman roads
* Cocoa roads

Is basically, out of magnanimity in saving the government in the stronghold. And looking at the lengthy kilometres of all these sites, there’s no contractor in the country who has the capacity to overstretch himself in that magnitude. His big warehouse at Asonomaso Nkwanta flooded with copious number of

– equipments(graders, concrete mixers, bulldozers, excavators, road rollers, trucks)

– a bitumen storage.

– the biggest asphalt machine

– coupled with vast concession of stone quarry, are evidence of his merit.

I even heard if he’s to pause selling his gravels to other road contractors, work on several sites would become standstill. Kofi Job is the ‘messiah’ of our time in road construction and the bigger picture is, he has got ‘Asanteman nkɔsoɔ’ extremely at heart. He is an adherent to giving back to society as in social responsibility locally. Despite the government still, owing him millions of dollars arrears.

Kofi Job is a Kumasi brand and should be protected at all costs, considering the thousands of workers he pays every month.

By: Kwabena Nsafoa

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