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Some 10,000 local businesses are expected to be recruited and supported by the Otumfuo Entrepreneurship Challenge which is seeking to spark an authentic entrepreneurship renaissance in the country.

Launched by the Otumfuo Osei Tutu II Charity Foundation, the challenge seeks to identify, recruit and support Ghanaian businesses into becoming big enterprises. The goal is to engage 10,000 ventures over the next five years.

Its aim also aims at promoting the formation and growth of businesses that exploit unique Ghanaian innovation and advantages to create the wealth and jobs that our peoples need.

Otumfuo Osei Tutu II charity Foundation seeks to rally its partners in business, academia, and the wider society to drive a unique rejuvenation of Ghanaian entrepreneurship. It also aims to help harness the full commercial potential of homegrown innovations and products.

The Asantehene believes that, beyond assistance from government and charity from private organisations, a re-energized business sector is the most important need if Ghana will rebound from the economic effects of COVID-19.

A revitalized business sector will also strengthen society, leaving the country better prepared to deal more effectively with future crises. The challenge is interesting for both teams and individual entrepreneurs. It’s however encouraging young people from seemingly disparate backgrounds to connect with each other to apply as teams.

Many undocumented innovations exist in the informal industries. Fully harnessing these innovations will involve collaborations between persons in informal industries and others in formalized ones.

The Otumfuo Entrepreneurship Challenge is being driven by a passionate team of traditional leaders, business people, academics, young professionals and technocrats.

It is an inclusive endeavor which does not discriminate on religious, ethnic, national, political, gender or socioeconomic basis. All they require is that you share in their bold mission and willing to commit a bit of your time, energy, and talent to make it succeed.

If you are applying as an individual, then you must be between 18 and 35 years old.
If it’s a team, at least half the number of people on the team must be within the age range.

If there are external owners of the business, at least half of the business must be owned by the youth applicant or the youth within the team of applicants.

For details about the information you need to provide for your application, please visit the website: https: otumfuoentrepreneurshipchallenge.org/compete.

To sign up as a volunteer, partner, or sponsor, click https://otumfuoentrepreneurshipchallenge.org/get-involved.

Follow the kingdom of Asante on all our social media platforms so that you do not miss any updates.

Let us connect with entrepreneurs, build our network, and make great business.

Source: Otumfuo Education Challenge

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