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Meet Samuel Opaki Yawson CEO of Opaki Collections -Kumasi. ———-

 Meet Samuel Opaki Yawson CEO of Opaki Collections -Kumasi. ———-

Boutique business sprung up in Kumasi in the early 90s and since then, we’ve had several household names like, Soo Bii Boutique, Sahara Boutique, Unisex Boutique..etc and it’s very clear that the influx have had adverse effect on the patronage of secondhand clothing business.

Recent additions like, Transit Boutique, Ultimate Fashions.. with Patasi High Street alone housing not less than 30 boutiques along it, suffice to say how penetrative that line of business has become.

Opaki Collections also came into the scene and the owner being a well known local boy started after school, when two friends who noted his inherent entrepreneurial spirit loaned him today’s equivalent of 60 cedis to start ‘foss selection’ at foss-line. The heart of clothing business in Kumasi.

Being focused and disciplined made him to establish himself quickly and advanced from table-top selection to dealing in bale. Having gone through the mill and realizing his prospects he decided to explore outside that enclave so, he erected container shop at Amakom close to Santinos to start boutique business. His humility and friendliness drew traffic to his shop as none can compete with someone who started from foss-line.

Towards the CAN 2008 tournament in Kumasi, he became a victim of the decongestion exercise. But he didn’t relent and was working from home.. having turned his room at Stadium into a shop.

His perseverance paid off and was able to rent his first Shop at Stadium close to Brigina traffic light and importing designer wears from Europe, USA, Dubai.

Today, he has two branches around that area, a branch in Accra and soon to be opened branch inside SG Mall at Tech.

By: Kwabena Nsafoa

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