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Baoule is Not GA and Guan, rather Asante.

 Baoule is Not GA and Guan, rather Asante.

Why do some people in Ghana, continue to stretch themselves to stupidity; in trying to deprive ASANTE of things ASANTE.

Even some Dankyira, unthinkably are doing it, in the wake of the funeral of our beloved Dankyirahene Odeefuo Bo Amponsem.

Now comes a guy, trying to claim that the BAOULE people of the Ivory Coast, are GA, or GUAN, in this Youtube. This guy, terribly is spreading self-serving falsities without knowing the History of the “BA WU FUO” of “BAWULEFO” now “BAOULE.”

Worawora that he mentions, may speak Twi, because they also migrated from the town and area of KONTANASE in Asante. However they, and others in the present OTI Region, rather speak a blend of Asante Twi, which is mixed with other dialects of the Guan people they encountered in the vicinity. It doesn’t explain anything with how BAOULE in Ivory Coast language is spoken.

The GA have their own History. Since their arrival from Yourubaland, the GA have remained sedentary. They don’t travel much to anywhere else. They NEVER migrated to any other part of Ghana, or anywhere, as others did. They were/are stuck in their traditional abode. Even today, most GA refuse governmental job transfers and assignments to the Northern area, and other areas of Ghana. The farthest they will go is AGONA SWEDRU, and Koforidua!

As a result of the European Forts in Accra, as was the case elsewhere, other non-GA AKAN groups moved to Accra for protection from Asante. This influenced the spoken Ga language by its unwitting acceptance of AKAN (TWI) words into the GA language. It’s not because of any connection to BAOULE or GUAN, as the guy claims.

So why is this guy tying himself in knots foolishly by claiming a GA and GUAN connection linguistically to BAOULE; and then saying the Baoule are not Asante? Is that ego-tripping; and seeking validation by trying to upend Asante? Laughable!!! The BAOULE have been retracing their ancestry to NSUTA in ASANTE, for centuries, after the initial animosity pertaining to their 1720 migration from Asante subsided.

The late Ivorian President Houphoet Boigny (Boahene) came to Nsuta. President Konan (Kwabena) Bedie came to Nsuta. Thousands visit ASANTE Nsuta EVERY Year as Pilgrimage. And they always go to MANHYIA and meet with Otumfuo Asantehene.

Fellow GA and Ghanaians; extricate the bitterness from your Hearts. Yes, ASANTE controlled the whole territory, and beyond, including GYAMAN Bontuku (Bondokou), now in the Ivory Coast. ASANTE stood up to the Europeans. The British in 1831 set the ASANTE boundary with River Pra as the dividing line between ASANTEMAN and the “British Protected Territories,” which the British later renamed “the Gold Coast” in 1874.

BAOULE IS ASANTE. Nana Abena Pokua founded the Asante Baoule Kingdom in 1720, She changed changed her Asante birth-day name Abena to ABLA.

The BAOULE Twi Language is a hybrid of Asante Twi; AOWIN; SAHWI; and WASSA languages. And the BAOULE did that deliberately. King Opoku Ware was after them when they migrated from Asante. Nana Abena Pokua sought to create a new identity for her Baoule People. She may have succeeded, but Baoule remained ASANTE in its institutions, and People.

  1. The GA People have nothing to do with with BAOULE people, NOTHING. The GUAN have NOTHING to do with BAOULE.
  2. If the Ga language and Guan language mimic Asante (AKAN) Language, its simply because GA institutions (Chieftaincy) is a carbon copy of AKAN Chieftaincy, mostly from AKWAMU and ASANTE. Okyeame is Otsiame in Ga. Gyaase is Dzaase in GA; Tackie is Takyi; Sackey is Sakyi, etc. Prior to that importation, GA was ruled by Priests….. the Wulome.
  3. AOWIN; WASSA; SAHWI, BRON, each has their form of the Twi Language. Its only centuries of the spread of the Asante Twi language through Asante rule, that made them speak Asante Twi. There is NO connection to Guan either. Looking for GUAN connection? Go to Atabubu (Atebubu). And, Atabubu has NO connection to Baoule, either. BAOULE IS ASANTE.

The GUAN were mutually voluntarily joined with Akropon in the formation of the AKUAMPEM State in 1733, pursuant to the Abotakyi Accord of 1733. The Abotakyi Accord followed the defeat of AKWAMU in 1730. That victory was accomplished by a coalition force led by Akyem Abuakwa; Akyem Kotoku; Akropon; and the GUAN AKUO/NKOA APEM consisting of Aburi; Okere Ponko; and Lateh, with all their other towns.

Baoule People are Asante from Nsuta, primarily. Their ABUSUA or CLAN is OYOKO ADAKO.

Youtubers are in it for “likes” and “subscription”.

To earn that money, most of them engage in controversies, which fuel antagonists, and then lead to more Views, from that notoriety, back and forth. That’s the modus operandi of this Video. But, I must respond to address, and redress his faulty claims

The word BAOULE….. is initially from the Asante Twi words “Me Ba Awu,” which in English language is “My Child has died”; or that “I’ve lost my Baby.”

They were led out of Asante by an embittered Queen Nana Abena Pokuaa in 1720, following a Chieftaincy, with the Oyoko of NSUTA and Kumase. So they left Asante. Along the way, She was joined migrants from Dankyira, Wassa, Sahwi, and Aowin. All these people were affected by the effects of Asante defeat of Dankyira in the War of 1701; as well as the Asante defeat of Chief ABIRI MORO of AOWIN (not Sahwi) in 1718..

Nana Pokuaa didn’t want to have anything to with Asante ever again. The forces of Asantehene Opoku Ware was pursuing her in to get them to return, but to no avail. Once successfully out of ASANTE Territory, Nana Pokua made deliberate effort to fuse the Asante Twi with languages of the Wassa, AOWIN and Sahwi, whom She encountered. Thus, “Me Ba Awu,” for example became “Bawule”, which, under French colonization then became “BAOULE. That’s because the French write and pronounce the alphabet “U” as “OU”. Hence, Poku is Pokou; Manu is Manou’ Musa is Moussa or Moisse, etc.

The “Me Ba Awu” term, was used because Nana Abena Pokua had to desperately, sacrifice her Baby Boy to miraculously get the swollen KOME or COMOE River to recede, for safe passage. That miracle enabled Her people to cross the COMOE River. By that miraculous act, Her people became known as the “Me Ba Awu Fuo” or the “BAWUFUO.” Through the hybrid language, it became “Bawufuo” became BAWULE or “BAWULE FUO.”

When France took over the BAWULE territory in the European Partition of Africa post-1884; BAWULEFUO, was rendered BAOULE through the peculiar French spelling and pronunciation…. BAWULE becomes BAOULE It is an interesting history; that some people, apparently for lack of knowledge, or for deliberate misrepresentation, are telling differently, because it extols Asante. They try to throw darts at ASANTEMAN. They don’t want that edifice. But it’s NEVER possible to successfully demean Asante, and what it accomplished.

No amount of Linguistic gymnastics can achieve that goal. It’s a Sisyphean task, which ends in failure.

Instead of this poorly put together ahistorical propaganda video; GO READ SOME BOOKS.

By: Sankofa Asante

Asanteman #Baoule #Asante #Adako #Nsuta #Yamousoukro

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