Asafo Agrɔ and the Birth of Machomen____

Today, one only sees Asafo Agrɔ in Fanteland during festivals such as “Aboakyire.” But back in the day, all Akan states used to “gro Asafo.” ie Yɛ gro Asafo. Asafo agrɔ were the occasions when the mightiest warriors and strongmen, famed archers and swordsmen, sharpshooters, hunters and the like were called upon to display their […]Read More

Akan Political Thoughts for Beginners

Epilogue on Power The AKAN are the Twi language speaking people in Ghana, the Ivory Coast, and a bit in Togo….. ASANTE; BAOULE; BONO; AKYEM; AKUAPEM; FANTE; SAHWI; WASSA, etc. Wherever they are found, the AKAN share familiar traits in naming ceremony; marriage ceremony; burial rites; traditional religious belief and worship; burial rites; custom and […]Read More

Welcome to the new Otumfuo Kumase Akwamuhene—- Akyamfuo Asafo Boakye

A new Kumase Asafohene, who is also the head of the Otumfoɔ Kumase Akwamu Fekuo, has been enstooled. With the Stool name Akyamfoɔ Asafo Boakye Agyeman Bonsu, he was sworn in on Thursday December, 17, 2020, before Otumfoɔ Ɔsɛi Tutu II. In professional career, he is a Senior official at the United Nations Climate Change […]Read More

Prempeh College Wins World Robotics Competition 2020

Asanteman Web team congratulates Prempeh College for winning this years World Robotics Challenge which was held online due to Covid-19 pandemic. Prempeh College has successfully and truly represented Asanteman and Ghana and won many local Ghanaian awards such as NSMQ(4 Times), Ghana National Debate championship competition( 2 Times), Ghana National Robotics( 2Times), Best Programming at […]Read More

Former Ivory Coast President confers with Asantehene

His Excellency Henri Konan Bédié, Former President of Côte d’Ivoire led an official delegation to Manhyia Palace. At the center of the official visit was a private discussion between His Majesty and His Excellency on mutually beneficial issues. His Excellency Henri Konan Bédié was President of Côte d’Ivoire from 1993 to 1999, and he is […]Read More

Asanteman Amanhene to the National House of Chiefs

On Wednesday 7th October 2020, the Asante Region House of Chiefs, presided over by Otumfuo Osei Tutu II elected their representatives to National House of Chiefs. The following Amanhene were elected to serve on the National House of Chiefs (including a bit of their professional standing prior to their enstoolment as Amanhene in their respective […]Read More

The History of the Name Bonsu

Asantehene Mensah Bonsu was the tenth king of the kingdom of Asante from 1874 – 1883. But, his name Bonsu preceded his reign - during the time of the expansionist minded Osei Tutu Kwamena Asibey Bonsu (the Whale). Read More

1D1F: President Akufo-Addo commissions Kasapreko water, juice and soft drinks

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, on Monday, 28th September 2020, commissioned the Kasapreko Water, Juice and Soft Drinks Factory, a company operating under Government’s 1-District-1-Factory initiative. At a ceremony at the premises of the company at Kwadaso, in the Ashanti Region, President Akufo-Addo noted that the establishment of the factory is a concrete manifestation that the […]Read More

Ghanaplants: ‘God will die before I die’

In Greek mythology, a serpent-like creature, called Hydra, lives in the lake of Lerna. Hydra is said to possess many heads and each time one of the heads is cut off, two heads grow back. Buy one, get two free. Applied to Kotoko’s motto WOKUM APEM A, APEM BEBA (kill a thousand and a thousand […]Read More


A brief analysis of Asantehene’s speech at the United Nations

After pleasantries and a brief narrative of UN’s role in world peace, Santehene turned to Africa. As the “bearer and symbol of a proud” African culture, Santehene said he was in grief by the state of Africa. He said UN had done it’s lot for Africa yet nothing was happening. Searching for answers, the world […]Read More