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A brief analysis of Asantehene’s speech at the United Nations

 A brief analysis of Asantehene’s speech at the United Nations

After pleasantries and a brief narrative of UN’s role in world peace, Santehene turned to Africa.

As the “bearer and symbol of a proud” African culture, Santehene said he was in grief by the state of Africa.

He said UN had done it’s lot for Africa yet nothing was happening. Searching for answers, the world had always placed the African faultline on tribal and ethnic allegiances, Santehene said. But that was not the case.

He said he felt “wounded and affronted” by the thought that Africa was so parochial and with “inherent incapacity” to rise above ethnic and tribal interest for the good of the nation-state.

He said Africa was no more tribal than Europe or anywhere else. He cited as examples, the ethnic tensions among the Brits and Scots and Irish and the Balkans and the Iberian Peninsula etc.

To Santehene, Africa’s problems were to be found at the “Historical faultline” in the fifties and sixties.

Africa had had its own governing culture, like Asante’s, as sophisticated as those in Europe. As such, when the Colonials came, they recognised it as such and incorporated it into the governing system they implemented, Santehene said.

But our Independence leaders viewed African traditional governing system as an appendage of the Colonial system. So they set up Africa in the image of Europe with the Westminster system and totally discarded the African system.

You see, Otumfuo makes a thought provoking point here. We were free with our own system. We were colonized and a hybrid system imposed. When we got freedom, we had three choices: Sankofa, the hybrid system or a straight European/western system.

Now think about this. If Africa really wanted to be free, it should have gone for Sankofa. The next best was the Hybrid for modernity and progressiveness sake. But from what Santehene is saying, it seems Africa adopted the worst of the three choices.

And as I say time and time again, Africa’s problem is caused by liberalism and socialism. If African Conservative parties had won independence for Africa, the hybrid would have been adopted.

But the African liberal and socialist says he is neither Western or Eastern. But Neither is he African, I tell ya categorically. Because he rejects and rejected the African traditional system and the hybrid. And rather opted for the true foreign- a hybrid of West and East.

Amazing isn’t it?. They dont want purely African.
They claim not to want purely Western European or purely Eastern.
Nor do they like the African- European hybrid.
Rather they want and adopted a purely foreign one, a West-East hybrid.

Anyway back to Santehene’s speech.
Santehene said he was by no means saying Western democracy as it were was not good for Africa. Rather he was proposing a combined traditional and Westminster/presidential systems.

So in a sense, Santehene is proposing some form of UNION GOVERNMENT system for Africa. But unlike Acheampong’s UniGov with civilian and military combination, Santehene is proposing a union between African and European system for Africa.

Then he used his own reign as an example and how he had used the “Moral authority of the Palace” to help the nation weather many a storm like the 2012 election peace declaration in Kumasi and the 2016 meetings of the candidates he convened to seek calmness and reassurances.
And how it had taken him 18 years to resolve – to me one of the longest disputes in Africa- the Dagbon crises. Yet it had been solved nonetheless.

Then he touched on his work on the socio-economic front through his Education and Health fund now combined under his Charity Foundation. All these were testament to his conviction that his proposition would work.

Using himself as an example, Santehene seemed to say even though he is not part of the governing system, he nonetheless has helped the system tremendously in crucial sectors. So we can all imagine if all the Traditional systems in Africa- with their wealth in cash, in resources, in wisdom and in Moral Authority etc.- were to be combined with the European system, a hybrid.

So Earthlings, Santehene has spoken. And he proposes a new solution for Africa. A system not of the old and the new. But a system of the African and Foreign combined. A system of Progress. A Revolution.

King Solomon the Wise has spoken.

Like Ghana’s lead during independence, Ghana must set the first example by adopting Santehene’s proposal. A Referendum could be held and the constitution amended. And Africa would be on his way.

In all, I call on the African Union to invite Santehene to give an in-depth speech on his proposal. In fact, we have to find a name for the system Santehene is proposing.

Piiaaw ……Sei Tu Nyamekese3 …….


By: Akwasi Amankwaa Afrifa Akoto (A4)

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